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Investment Research | FE Analytics

Support your due diligence with in depth investment research

Support your due diligence with in-depth investment research. A complete investment research toolkit available in a single resource which means you have more time to focus on your clients, knowing your due diligence is taken care of.


FE Analytics is the UK's leading investment research tool allowing you to research funds, model portfolios, managers and sectors as well as providing:

  • Risk profiling and portfolio management
  • Access to original fund documentation
  • Modelling of investment strategies
  • Comprehensive client reporting solutions

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Key Features

Powerful filter tool

Identify investments that match your criteria. Browse over 300,000 instruments including UT & OEICS, ITs, Offshore, Onshore and DFMs to shortlist funds based on your suitability criteria.

Refine selections

Refine fund selections with our trusted ratings- FE Crown Fund Rating, FE Alpha Manager Rating and FE Risk Score, to quickly find the best funds in the market. Research against a full range of index and sector benchmarks.


Supplement your research with fund, manager and sector factsheets that include quartile performance, volatility and peer comparisons. These in-depth factsheets cover funds, equities, fund sectors and managers to help you make a more informed decision about any investment.

Build lists and review portfolios

Build buy lists and portfolios containing funds, equities, sectors, indices, currencies and asset classes. Review the performance of discretionary fund manager portfolios.

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Fund and market opinion

Look deeper than just investment performance with quantitative and qualitative fund and market opinion from FE Trustnet, Style Research, OBSR, S&P, Rayner Spencer Mills, Asset TV and Bright Talk.

Fund documentation

Access original fund documentation, including fund factsheets, key facts, annual reports, prospectuses and KIIDs.

Support and upgrades

Benefit from ISO-accredited support team plus regular free software and feature upgrades.

Chart, analyse and compare

Analyse performance, ratios, holding information and risk using our huge range of sophisticated charting and analysis tools. Compare any instrument against any other to understand, for example, the effect of proposed changes to a portfolio or whether a fund is really outperforming its benchmark.

Don't just take our word for it

"FE Analytics is an exceptionally powerful tool. The various functions allow me to save time and help win new business. The most common feature I use is the sector factsheets. These are simply brilliant as they allow me to observe the best and worst performing funds within any particular sector. When you combine this with the detailed Ratio tables that are only a few clicks away, you are able to make accurate decisions whilst ensuring transparency for the client."

Mark Ainsworth Financial Management Ltd.

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