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DFM Research | FE Transmission for Advisers

Research and compare discretionary fund manager’s model portfolios in detail.

Access underlying portfolio data and conduct detailed analysis on the Discretionary Model Portfolio providers you work with.



If you have found it much harder to research DFM Model Portfolios than other types of investments, FE can help you overcome this challenge. We have developed a ground-breaking service that helps Model Portfolio Service Providers (MPS providers) and DFMs to distribute model portfolio data and reports to financial advisers across the UK.


Key benefits

Research DFM and MPS data

FE Transmission, delivered through the award-winning FE Analytics platform, gives you access to the underlying holdings data of the model portfolios your clients are invested in, allowing you to integrate this information into your due diligence, portfolio selection and reporting.

Bring information and advice to life

The power of FE Analytics enables you to compare your clients’ portfolios with benchmarks of your choosing.  Significantly, ‘what if’ charting can be conducted at all portfolio switching points.  This powerful tool allows you to monitor investments and demonstrate the impact of your advice.

Available information 

The FE Transmission service provides you with access to a wealth of shared information. Such information includes:

  • Governance reports
  • Portfolio models
  • Historic performance
  • Fact sheets
  • Change alerts


Key Features

FE Transmission allows advisers to gain a more comprehensive view of the underlying holdings of their outsourced investment propositions.

All model data is collected straight from the model or discretionary provider promising accuracy and up to date prices.

Advisers can monitor changes to the sector, asset and regional allocations of the portfolios and consistently evaluate their suitability for clients’ risk levels.

Model Portfolio Providers

If you run your own model portfolios and use other Financial Advisers to distribute them, you can do so via the FE Transmission service.  Since its launch in 2015, many of the UK’s leading Discretionary Fund Managers and Model portfolio providers have adopted FE Transmission to distribute their model portfolio data, literature and factsheets to advisers.

The level of openness and transparency of the solution continues to assist model providers in connecting and communicating better with the advisers they work with.


Don't just take our word for it

Here are some of the Discretionary Fund Managers that use Transmission to communicate to advisers:

''Standard Life Wealth is pleased to be associated with FE Transmission in the promotion of investment performance transparency. Financial Planners need access to accurate and timely investment performance information to help their clients stay on track and achieve their financial goals. The ability to compare Managers' performance is a critical part of a financial planners' ongoing due diligence.''

Ronnie Binnie, Head of Business Development at Standard Life Wealth

'' Including Liontrust's broad range of risk-targeted model portfolios on FE Transmission is another important step in expanding our distribution across the adviser market. We believe demand for investment solutions will only continue to grow and our multi-asset portfolios are ideally suited to meet different attitudes to risk, investment objectives and time horizons that are so important in enabling clients to achieve their investment goals.
As advisers increasingly turn to model portfolios for their investment solutions, it is vital that they can compare the wide range available. FE Transmission is a key development in providing transparency and enabling advisers to have ready access to information and data on a range of providers and their model portfolios. We believe FE Transmission will benefit us, advisers and, in turn their clients.'

Simon Hildrey, Head of Marketing and Distribution Strategy at Liontrust

"At 7IM we have for many years encouraged and supported data providers, research houses and ratings agencies in their efforts to provide tools which allow advisers to evaluate and compare funds and model portfolios on an easy to use and meaningful basis, tailored to what aspects are important to the adviser and their clients, and considering what the fund and model solutions are designed to achieve.
Model portfolios have traditionally represented greater challenges in this area than funds, and so we are delighted to have the 7IM Model Portfolios, with their active asset allocation and passive and smart passive implementation, as part of this FE solution for advisers.''

Robert Poulten, Head of Sales at 7IM

''Outsourcing investment management has been a growing trend for advisers over the past few years and in WealthSelect we have brought a leading discretionary Managed Portfolio Service to the market to challenge existing solutions. We are extremely pleased that the WealthSelect MPS range of active and passive blend portfolios, tax-optimised for each tax wrapper are now available for review within FE Transmission. These portfolios launched in February 2014 and are built from the researched range of funds from the best fund managers. Through FE Transmission advisers are be able to easily compare discretionary managers and real performance with complete transparency and we are proud to be a part of it."

Scott Goodsir, Managing Director of Distribution for Old Mutual Wealth


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