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Independent ratings, trusted by advisers, informing investment decisions

Fund managers and Advisers have long needed a common language for communicating and assessing funds. FE Ratings does just that.



We are the only ratings provider that evaluates all the key performance attributes of a fund. By using our ratings to help promote your funds you know that thousands of advisers will see our logos and instantly associate your funds with an honest, accurate and transparent approach to fund communication.


Key Benefits

Showcase your funds

The FE Rating caters to all aspects of investing and our easily recognisable designs support transparent fund selection and will help your funds stand out.

Comprising of manager, fund, advisers’ choices, risk scores and our FE Invest Approved fund ‘buy’ list we are the only group to offer all five ratings under one umbrella.

Differentiate your funds

We look at a fund from all angles, so you can choose how to position your funds to your customers. You can reassure investors of a fund’s risk levels with the FE Risk Score or show that a manager can weather a storm in a down market with the FE Alpha Manager rating.

Influence in numbers.

With around 9,000 analytics users and nearly half a million fund searches run on FE Trustnet using our ratings every year, FE has the distribution you need to make a difference to your business.

Total independence. 

We do not accept payment for rating products, we rate everyone and everything regardless. You can be sure our ratings are fair.


Key Features

FE Crown Fund Rating

A quantitative measure carried out biannually, covering all 200,000+ live share classes collected by FE worldwide. Based on historical performance relative to an appropriate, targeted benchmark, chosen by FE, FE Crown Fund Ratings enable investors to identify funds that are strongly outperforming their benchmark. The top 10% of funds will be awarded five FE Crowns.

FE Passive Fund Rating

Unlike an active fund which attempts to beat its designated benchmark, passive funds and ETFs attempt to track their index, with the aim of delivering a return as closely in line with it as possible. Funds are ranked from 1-5 crowns with no quartile weighting system. This means if all funds meet the criteria for having 5 crowns then all funds will get 5 crowns.

FE Invest Approved Fund List

A recommended buy-list of funds, covering all asset classes and sectors. Selected using FE’s uniquely comprehensive suite of ratings and awards, coupled with in-depth qualitative research by our skilled team of analysts; the funds on the FE Invest Approved Fund List have been scrutinised from all angles and represent the best funds, fund managers and investment houses in the industry.


The Adviser Fund Index (AFI) is made up of the recommended portfolios of a panel of leading UK financial advisers. Advisers and investors alike can look for funds recommended by this influential panel for reassurance or new ideas in fund selection.


FE Alpha Manager Rating

FE Alpha Managers rate the performance of a fund manager over their career regardless of the number of funds they have managed or number of places worked. They are designed to distinguish fund managers who have consistently performed well over the longer term.


FE Risk Score

Provides a single, easy to understand measurement of the relative risk level of individual investments or an entire portfolio.


FE Group Award

FE Group Awards recognise investment management groups that possess an advantage in particular asset classes. Groups are awarded an Outstanding or Highly Commended accolade based on the cumulative FE Crown Fund Ratings of their funds over the past three years.

ManagerAll data types acceptedActive PerformancePassive PerformanceRiskGroupBuy listAdviser Recommended






Key statistics

80% of advisers surveyed in 2016 who pick funds, build model portfolios or in‐house bespoke solutions use FE. This is the highest percentage of advisers using a research agency. FE’s services include FE Analytics and FE Trustnet. This percentage is up from 75% in 2014. (The Platforum Adviser Survey, July 2017)

FE was quoted 2495 times in the national and trade press in 2016 as their source of financial data

24,000 registered investment professionals use FE Trustnet

Our FE Invest Portfolios are created using our ratings. After one year we have around 200 customers, investing just under £2 billion into our portfolios


Don't just take our word for it

“As the FE Crown Fund Ratings are based on the alpha, volatility and consistency of performance of funds over recent times, they give fund buyers and researchers simple guidance when filtering funds in each sector. The ratings are frequently used by professional advisers and are definitely something we believe they value.” 

Mark Davidson, Head of Distribution & Marketing, Church House Investment Management


We are always happy to hear from you. Contact us if you have any questions and one of our specialists will take you through how we can fulfil your business needs.

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