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Factsheet Production | FE Precision+ for Institutions

Fully compliant, automated fund factsheet and documentation production to help you communicate with clients

We take the pain out of document production. With the FE Precision+ approach to document production you can ensure that all communication material is compliant, accurate and in the format you want.



Documentation and sales tools are a core component in any successful fund management or platform business. The common challenge facing all businesses is how to implement an efficient process, which ensures that documents are accurate, compliant with local regulations and visually appealing. A challenge, which is, exacerbated by multiple languages, formats, fund types and launches/rebrands. This combination of requirements often results in a time-consuming resource heavy process, which is liable to human error and exposes the business to unnecessary risk.

  • Factsheets


Key Benefits

Designed around you

  • All documents are built around your brand and specific communication requirements.
  • Our state of the art Configuration Tool enables quick development and design of your documents, allowing additional fields and features to be added without major development
  • Factsheets, KIIDs and PRIIPs can be produced in a multitude of different languages to comply with local legislation and make your documents internationally appealing.

Reduce your risk

  • FE Precision+ will help ensure that your data is accurate and consistent across all your marketing and communications documents, significantly reducing the risk of displaying incorrect figures and information.
  • All automated factsheets produce an audit trail that works in harmony with regulatory and compliance requirements ensuring you keep on the right side of the FCA.
  • The Data Validation File checks and validates data based on your chosen tolerances month on month to ensure the data remains accurate. Any discrepancies are easily flagged to you via a dashboard without the need to look through every document.

Reduce production times

  • Our fully automated service increases efficiencies to your business with project deliveries as quick as 2 weeks after data completion
  • By signing off your fund data at source you can eliminate multiple document specific time-consuming approvals, freeing up resource to focus on your customers and greatly reducing the risk of any errors or inconsistencies.
  • Our specialist end-to-end KIID document production service designs the document, populates the fund data and translates all the information into the appropriate local language as required by UCITS guidelines to ensure industry clarity and consistency.


Key features

Complete accuracy

Your data is ingested using our Xceptor data processing paradigm model, fully validating each file to ensure complete accuracy.

Single source of clean data

We accept data in all forms and from all sources. So whether you have some data in an spreadsheet and others from a 3rd party we’ll take care of it to produce a single source of clean data.

Stunning templates built for you

Our Configuration Tool quickly creates templates to your liking and in your brand. Simply select which fields you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

Multiple outputs

Produce PDF or HTML documents to meets the technological demands of your customers. Our HTML documents feature interactive charting and content display and are fully responsive for easy viewing on smart phones and tablets.

Become a designer

Take control of how your templates look by using the Style Editor- with no training required. Change the fonts, colours, table styles and preview changes instantly before publishing.  You can even upload your own logos and fonts. No need for time consuming briefings.

Review documents before publishing

Login to your secure portal to ensure all documents are as expected in one space. Its user-friendly interface means training is not required. User permissions can be enabled to prevent unauthorised changes and publishing so only appropriate people control what is delivered.

Automatic audit trail

The portal documents a trail of completed actions automatically, essential for any transparent, compliant process. Your published documents are archived for 10 years should there be a need to review them in future.


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