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We will collect and validate your data, populate the required template and send the data wherever it is needed. This ensures that you meet your regulatory requirements, reduce reputational and compliance risks and associated costs.


The scope of the original Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) has been expanded following the global financial crisis of 2007/08. This all-encompassing regulation, known as MiFID II seeks to overhaul the way the financial services industry operates by making it more transparent, investor-friendly and resilient. In doing so, it has inevitably created some major challenges for anyone participating in the financial markets.

FE's MiFID II Data Service for Asset Managers

Driven by client demand, and capitalising on our extensive capabilities in data, dissemination and regulatory compliance, FE’s MiFID II data solution is designed to alleviate some of the data challenges that you may face in meeting your MiFID II regulatory obligations.  

Key Features

FE Precision+ European MiFID II Template (EMT) service for Asset Managers is composed of three key elements:

1) EMT data collection

We will collect the relevant data covering costs, charges and product governance.

2) EMT dissemination to relevant parties

We will disseminate the EMT data to all the relevant parties, including platforms, third-party vendors, dicretionary fund managers and others that sell your funds.

3) Tracking and monitoring data distribution

You can track and monitor who the data has been sent to through our control panel, ensuring complete transparency and regulatory compliance.

FE's MiFID II Data Service for Platforms

Based on our extensive experience in data and our understanding of the regulatory landscape, FE’s MiFID II data solution is designed to alleviate some of the data challenges that you may have, to meet your MiFID II regulatory obligations.

Acting as a central hub, we can provide platforms with the requisite costs & charges and target market data, along with Key Information Documents (KIDs).

Key Features

The service to Platforms is composed of three key elements:

1) EMT data collection and validation

We will collect the cost & charges, and target market data from asset managers. Our market-leading data validation and data management system also checks the data for accuracy and consistency.

2) EMT data delivery

We will disseminate the EMT data to you as per your requirements, in a format of your choice.

3) Client reporting (additional service)

We can also assist you with your client reporting requirements with respect to the collection and delivery of PRIIPs KIDs documents.

Key Benefits

Simple and effective

We are data collection experts and can work with your business without you needing to change any of your systems or processes.

Output in multiple formats

We can provide data outputs in any format that suits your needs, for example, excel, csv, etc. Data delivery can also be done using different methods such as SFTP, email, etc.

Control panel monitoring

Where applicable, you can track and monitor the data at any time, using our dashboard, providing you with real-time updates. This service keeps you informed about the quality and timeliness of the data distribution, giving you full visibility which is essential for any transparent and compliant process.


Our solution is scalable, flexible and able to incorporate any future regulatory changes that may come into effect.

Dedicated support team

Access to a dedicated support team will help with the speedy resolution of issues and address any queries you may have.

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