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Global Funds Registration | FE Precision+ for Asset Managers and Institutions

Efficient and hassle-free cross-border registration and maintenance of your funds

FE Global Funds Registration handles the administrative challenges associated with international registration of funds, allowing you to focus on the core area of your business - managing money.


Reduce pressure on internal resources, optimise costs and remove the administrative burden associated with initial and ongoing cross-border fund authorisation while obtaining the requisite regulatory guidance. FE Global Funds Registration provides a specialised consultancy and project management service designed to help you obtain the requisite authorisation to distribute your funds in other jurisdictions.

Our service provides information, advice and guidance on the regulatory requirements under UCITS and AIFM Directives in European and worldwide jurisdictions.


Key Benefits


We have delivered cross-border solutions in over 40 jurisdictions for dozens of clients. The team, including our regulatory experts, has the requisite expertise to be able to steer you around the complexities of the cross-border registration process.

Dedicated and comprehensive service

A dedicated team will be responsible for the delivery of your registration requirements and you will have full access to your relationship manager at any time. Maintaining your funds’ registration is as important as first obtaining it, so we don’t stop working when your funds are registered in your chosen jurisdictions.


The service is completely adaptable to your requirements. We will discuss your specific needs and deliver the service that you want. Our bespoke service allows you to hand as much or as little of the process as you wish.

Key Features

Central point of contact

FE will act as the central point of contact for all your registration requirements, significantly reducing the administrative burden and helping you with all the complex requirements of international funds registration.

UK Facilities Agent service

FE Global Funds Registration offers full UK Facilities Agent services for groups looking to distribute funds in the UK and provides this service to a large number of companies from around the world.

Guidance for customers

Our team provides advice and assistance at each step of the registration process, including guidance on marketing documents and distribution of fund and/or asset raising.



“We understood the importance of working with a firm that has market specific knowledge and prior experience in international markets such as South Africa, so we decided to use FE GFR’s services and expertise to manage the entire process of registering three new UCITS funds under the Credo ICAV in South Africa. FE GFR  communicated directly with the South African regulator and local manager on Credo’s behalf, and alleviated the burden of this time-consuming work.”

Kathryn Linde, Relationship Manager, Credo Wealth


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