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UCITS KIIDs and PRIIPs KIDs | FE Precision+ for Asset Managers and Institutions

Produce and maintain your regulatory documents to remain compliant

Take the pain out of document production by letting FE manage your UCITS KIIDs and PRIIPs KIDs requirements. Our leading document production service ensures that all your pre-sale documents are compliant, accurate and in the format you want.



The demands on fund management groups for clear, compliant pre-sale disclosure has increased hugely. In 2011, the obligation to provide Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs), for all UCITS funds was introduced. This has now been expanded to include Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products’ Key Information Documents, or PRIIPs KIDs.


Key features

UCITS KIDs Document Production

Data collection and calculation

We will collect all the relevant data using a simple pre-existing template and run complex calculations to include the creation of Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator (SRRI). Our SRRI calculation methodology has been independently verified and accredited by AKG Actuaries and Consultants.

Template design and branding

Our versatile document production facility can deliver different templates for your needs, tailored to your branding requirements. We can translate KIIDs into the official languages of all countries covered by the UCITS regulation. Our translation service integrates seamlessly our document production platform, ensuring a fast turnaround and a top-quality, cost-effective service.

Audit and archiving

All documents are produced with a full audit trail, hosted and archived for future access and made available to post on your website.

Ongoing monitoring and distribution

We monitor the SRRI and alert you if you need to update your KIID. As an additional service, we can also distribute your documents wherever they need to go with FE Dissemination.

PRIIPs KIDs Document Production

Data collection and calculation

As a leading data provider, we can populate your fund-level documents with third-party data and using FE’s proprietary fund data, we can calculate the Summary Risk Indicator (SRI), performance scenarios and Costs Over Time.

Document design and production

Our versatile document production facility can deliver different templates for your needs.

Monitoring and alerts

We monitor all the variables that could trigger a review of your KIDs (SRI, return scenarios and Costs Over Time) and alert you if there is a material change.

UCITS KIIDS document production

The FE UCITS KIIDs service encompasses every stage in the process of document production - from our core service where we draft, maintain and publish all your KIIDs to the additional service that includes distribution of your documents to regulators and aggregators, as necessary.

PRIIPs KIDs document productuon

The challenges of producing PRIIPs KIDs are even greater than for UCITS KIIDs. Risks, returns and costs are forward-looking and additional disclosures at product and fund level put further pressure on space. The PRIIPs KIDs document production is designed to alleviate these challenges and help you meet your PRIIPs KIDs obligations.


Key benefits

Reduce your risk

We collect the data, validate it using our ISO-accredited system to ensure complete accuracy. We also carry out the necessary calculations to comply with the UCITS and PRIIPs regulations, thereby reducing your business, reputational and compliance risks.

Control panel monitoring

Where applicable, you can track and monitor the data at any time, using our dashboard, providing you with real-time updates. This service keeps you informed about the quality and timeliness of the data distribution, giving you full visibility, which is essential for a transparent and compliant process.

Increase efficiencies

Our fully automated document production system increases efficiencies by reducing the time taken to produce these documents. Additionally, they are updated automatically whenever a significant change occurs.

Dedicated support team

Access to a dedicated support team will help with the speedy resolution of issues and address any queries you may have.


Our solution is completely flexible to suit your requirements. You can either take our core proposition – including data collection, creation, and publication of UCITS KIIDs and PRIIPs KIDs, or expand the service to include distribution as well.


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