FE Analytics&finXL

For investment professionals requiring the provision of timely, robust, independent data coupled with a wide range of advanced modelling, optimisation, analytical, reporting and presentation tools, FE Analytics has consistently proved to be the leader in its field.

FE Analytics is a powerful award winning tool which covers an extensive range of onshore, offshore and international funds, life, pensions, ETFs, investment trusts, equities and more. FE Analytics combines genuinely comprehensive asset data with market-leading analysis.

FE Analytics offers a host of unparalleled user benefits:

  • Web-delivered, enabling access anywhere, anytime
  • No installation or maintenance required
  • Automatic daily data updates
  • Full complement of sector benchmarks and market indices
  • Access to quantitative and qualitative ratings, including S&P,OBSR, FE Crown Fund and FE Alpha Manager ratings
  • Wide range of interactive features, such as graphing tools, factsheets, list builders and modelling tools
  • Ability to dynamically link fund data to reports and factsheets
  • Highly professional reporting and presentation outputs
  • Genuine ease of use despite its acknowledged depth and sophistication
  • Online training videos
  • Full-time support provided by a highly knowledgeable, ISO accredited, dedicated helpdesk


Used alongside FE Analytics, finXL operates at the heart of client systems. finXL is an Excel addin which uses Excel's in-built web queries technology. Fully flexible, it enables the automated extraction of large volumes of data from FE's systems into a universally familiar Excel spreadsheet environment within which it can be:

  • Readily integrated with in-house data
  • Analysed and interrogated as required
  • Used to populate pre-ordained reporting formats
  • Distributed all with little more effort than the push of a button and with the reassurance of FE accuracy

FE Analytics, when coupled with finXL, represents the most powerful combination of comprehensive asset data and marketleading analytical functionality available in the UK - little wonder, therefore, that so many investment professionals rely on it to be truly informed.

Visit the FE Analytics website for more information