At FE, we collect all of our data directly from source which means we can be certain that it is immediate, accurate and consistent. Our range of data feed services provides our clients with access to the data they want, when they want it, and in the way they want it. We cater for all needs from simple price feeds for valuations to highly complex bespoke solutions. It is our skilled team and deep understanding of the data that enable us to deliver high-quality solutions time and time again.

Some of the key benefits of our Datafeeds Services include:

FLEXIBILITY -our feeds can be customised in terms of format, frequency, fields of data and data granularity, fund and instrument universe, delivery mechanism

RELIABILITY -we operate a highly resilient, dual-live technology environment that adheres to ISO standards for data management, ensuring our feeds are always available when they are needed

SUPPORT - we have a highly skilled team of data specialists, business analysts, and support staff to ensure we can support clients throughout the specification, build and delivery of a feed and provide intelligent, responsive support on an ongoing basis

TIMELINESS - we structure our feeds to be delivered at a time that suits our clients best. Our databases are constantly updating and we can deliver feeds on demand or on a rolling basis throughout the day

COVERAGE - our extensive database of funds and the wide range of data points on these funds, means that we have the coverage required for almost every scenario our clients come to us with

At FE, accuracy, consistency and immediacy of data will always be of paramount importance to us and our clients . More critical, however, is to ensure clients receive the data they need, when they need it and in a format which enables them to leverage it to maximum effect. Our Datafeeds Service was developed specifically with that key client requirement in mind.

We collect fund prices, dividends, histories, and factsheet data for over 200,000 UK, onshore and international funds. Our data collection includes:

  • UK , European and global investment funds, pension funds, life insurance funds, offshore funds, offshore life insurance funds, ETFs, investment trusts , VCT s and hedge funds
  • prices, dividends, corporate actions (capital events) and histories, performance, volatility and key investment ratio figures
  • factsheet information holdings, sector/region weightings, fund manager biographies
  • asset allocations
  • extensive benchmark coverage including all major indices and sector benchmarks We can also provide equity data, factsheet information and news.

At FE, we pride ourselves on our exemplary track record of data quality and robust delivery, which is why so many of the largest names in financial services have come to rely on us to ensure they are truly informed. Our clients include some of the biggest names in each of these areas:

  • Data vendors
  • IFAs, private banks and wealth managers
  • Financial portals
  • Wrap platforms
  • Fund supermarkets
  • Life and pension companies
  • Software houses
  • Asset managers
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