FE Trustnet

FE Trustnet is the UK’s most comprehensive source of free online investment data, news and research. The site is free to use and focuses on fund and product information, serving the needs of more than a quarter million private individuals and 30,000 professional investors. The site facilitates the analysis of unit trusts, OEICs, investment trusts, equities, offshore funds, ETFs, structured products and life and pension funds - in fact all the main UK investment vehicles.

Investment information

FE Trustnet fund factsheets provide a comprehensive overview of individual funds including prices, performance, ratings, holdings, sector and region breakdowns, fund manager details and charges across a variety of investment databases. The factsheets hold more relevant and timely information for investor needs than any other fund research website in the UK. The factsheet set is an invaluable tool for advisers and their FSA required paper trail, with over 120,000 individual factsheets printed off a month. In 2010 FE Trustnet also launched the first ever set of in-depth fund group factsheets which show the core strengths and weaknesses of a group, from sectors to quartiles and managers to funds.

News and research

Designed to complement the core databases covered in our investments section, FE Trustnet’s award winning research and analysis enables users to look beyond the headline numbers. Topical news features are supplied by experienced award winning journalists, covering a range of areas including asset allocation, sectors, fund managers and fund selection. FE Trustnet does not break the news, it explains it.

Investment analysis tools

FE Trustnet provides a range of fund tools designed to offer in-depth research and analysis of funds and fund data. The range is based around its powerful Portfolio Tool allowing you to measure your portfolio’s performance; analyse the holdings/ sectors/asset class of all funds; track other funds on a watch list; chart funds against benchmarks and other funds/sectors - all available free of charge to users.

Education – self directed investors

A range of education guides on the site ensure that all our users, from novice investors looking to open an ISA to IFAs wanting further information on more complicated investment vehicles, have the right information at their fingertips. In a pre and post Retail Distribution Review world, FE Trustnet explains the complex world of investments to self directed investors, from sector profiles explaining how each IMA sector works, guides to key investment concepts, and detailed profiles of the methods employed by leading investment management teams.

UK investment ratings

FE Crown Fund Ratings
Our Crown Fund Ratings are a quant-based ratings system designed to highlight funds that have had superior performance and consistency on a risk adjusted basis, relative to their benchmarks as decided by FE.

FE Alpha Manager Ratings
We have added another way to research investments – by looking at the performance of the fund managers themselves. FE has calculated the performance of individual managers across all the funds they have managed since January 2000. This gives the investor the best of both worlds – information on funds, and details of the managers and their history. Only the top 10% of unit trust and OEIC managers receive the FE Alpha Manager accolade.

Adviser Fund Index
The Adviser Fund Index (AFI) is made up of the recommended portfolios of a panel of leading UK financial advisers. Based entirely on the funds actually recommended to clients, the AFI Aggressive, Balanced and Cautious portfolios carry real-life credibility, providing insight into the benefits of holding top quality funds.

Advisers and investors alike can look for funds recommended by this influential panel for reassurance or new ideas in fund selection.

The AFI represents recommended quality.

Other widely recognised ratings
FE Trustnet also carries the ratings of OBSR and S&P for filtering and to provide a stronger overview of each individual fund for all investors.

Our Fundswire service allows FE Trustnet users to see all the major changes affecting funds, managers and groups over the course of time. Up to the minute information or historical information on the funds you have either purchased, advised on or are simply interested in, can be accessed via the site or through an email alert about that product.

Fund groups can access the growing database of advisers and investors who have signed up to follow them or simply search for them online, to send specific content they believe their potential clients would like to know