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FE Ratings have been designed to help Fund Managers and Advisers communicate in a common language. We are the only ratings provider that evaluates all the key performance attributes of a fund. By using our ratings to help promote your funds you know that 22,000 advisers will see our logos and instantly associate your funds with an honest accurate and transparent approach to fund communication. Raise awareness, build trust and grow revenue. 



Showcase your funds in the best light

With so many aspects to consider when selecting a fund, it is difficult to communicate all the elements in an easily understandable way – this is why we have created our suite of ratings. Our suite of ratings match the investment styles of your customers and allow you to showcase your funds in the best light.

A single suite of ratings that speak the language your customers understand

Comprising manager, fund, advisers’ choices, risk scores and our FE Invest Approved fund ‘buy’ list we are the only group to offer all 5 ratings under one umbrella.

Key Benefits

Ratings drive investments

  • Our FE Invest Approved fund list draws from the results of our ratings to produce our recommended funds to buy. After one year in use it is relied upon by over 100 clients, advising over £1.5 billion in assets.


  • Differentiate your funds. However you want to position your funds to your customers our ratings can help. We look at a fund from all angles so you can choose how to tell your story. You can reassure investors of a fund’s risk levels with the FE Risk Score. Or show that a manager can weather a storm in a down market with the FE Alpha Manager rating. Simply pick and choose from our selection of ratings to accommodate.
  • Influence in numbers. With 3,500 analytics users, and nearly half a million fund searches run on FE Trustnet using our ratings every year, FE has the distribution you need to make a difference to your business. Our reach goes beyond FE Trustnet with 10 media titles (including the Financial Times Business group and The Telegraph).

Stand out

  • Endorsement from a trusted brand. Help showcase your best products with the use of a third party rating that caters to all aspects of investing from funds, managers and risk, to groups and Advisers’ choices
  • Total independence. We do not accept payment for rating products, we rate everyone and everything regardless. This makes us more credible, greatly increasing our trust with IFAs and investors alike.
  • Use one, use them all. Our easily recognised designs support transparent fund selection and will help your funds stand out amongst the crowd.

Support your brand with a brand advisers trust   

  • FE and FE Trustnet were voted the most used sources of research to inform advisers’ investment selection process. (The Platforum Adviser Survey, July 2013. Based on all those picking in-house)
  • FE Trustnet ratings can be found in regular pages in 8 trade magazines and 6 media websites including thetelegraph.co.uk.
  • FE was quoted 3,142 times in the national and trade press in 2014 as their source of financial data
  • 22,000 registered advisers use FE Trustnet
  • 3,500 paying adviser firms use FE Analytics fund research tool
  • FE scores high on trust, with 65% of advisers believing we have an unbiased objective view in the market- our closest competitor scored 44% (Populas Survey, 2014)
  • 70%  of the most influential advisers use FE Analytics (Plimsoll Report, 2014)

Build your AUM

  • 40,000 searches using our ratings filters per month
  • 54% of advisers surveyed use FE Trustnet for ratings and research (Schroders Survey, 2015)
  • 52% of advisers surveyed use FE Trustnet ratings (Fundamental Media Survey, 2014)
  • 9/10 advisers use ratings in fund selection and monitoring their performance (FE Trustnet Survey 2014).
  • The power of crowns — 72% of advisers need a fund to have 3+ FE Crowns to include in their buy list
  • Our FE Invest Portfolios are created using our ratings. After one year we have 100 customers, investing£1.8billion into our portfolios

How we’re different

  • Our data, our methodologies. Built on a strong data heritage our team has a strong understanding of its intriquisies on which to base our robust methodologies and represent our funds in the market
  • Designed to work together. We are the only provider that contains a rating for every investment style, researching all angles of a fund, making it even easier to display your fund’s best attributes in one place.
  • Most widely used independent ratings company in the uk. Platforum and Schroders research has shown that more IFAs use our ratings and research to assist them with fund selection than anyone else in the UK.
  • One price for one year. You have access to all ratings associated with your funds for one great value annual license fee, no matter how many times they rebalance.

Key Features

Fund ratings

FE Crown Fund Rating

A quantitative measure covering all the 200,000+ live share classes collected by FE worldwide. They are based on historical performance relative to an appropriate, targeted benchmark, chosen by FE.
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FE Passive Fund Rating

A rating exclusively for passive funds. Unlike an active fund which attempts to beat its designated benchmark, passive funds and ETFs attempt to track their index, with the aim of delivering a return as closely in line with it as possible.
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FE Invest Approved Fund List

A recommended buy-list of funds, covering all asset classes and sectors.

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The Adviser Fund Index (AFI) is made up of the recommended portfolios of a panel of leading UK financial advisers.

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Manager rating

FE Alpha Manager Rating

FE Alpha Managers rate the performance of a fund manager over their career regardless of the number of funds they have managed or number of places worked. They are designed to distinguish fund managers who have consistently performed well over the longer term.

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Risk Score

FE Risk Score

Provide a single, easy to understand measurement of the relative riskiness of individual investments or even an entire portfolio.

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Group rating

FE Group Award

FE Group Awards recognise investment management groups that possess an advantage in particular asset classes.

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ManagerAll data types acceptedActive PerformancePassive PerformanceRiskGroupBuy listAdviser Recommended
FE Check Check Check Check Check Check Check Check
Morningstar/OBSR Check Check Check
Citywire Check
Lipper Check
S&P Check
RSM Check Check Check