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Fund Data Management and Dissemination | FE Precision+ for Asset Managers and Institutions

Control your data quality, disseminate through unmatched coverage and reduce your risk

FE Precision+ Dissemination gives you the highest level of data accuracy and distribution. We work with you to collect, manage and verify your data and send it where and when it is needed. This ensures your data is consistently and accurately represented throughout the industry in the right format, in the right place, at the right time.



Data vendors, platforms, supermarkets, regulators, distributors, institutional investors, and websites – they all need your fund data. But do they want the same data? In the same format? At the same time? FE Precision+ is the fund data management solution built to address this challenge, saving you time, resource and the headache of managing your data internally.


Key benefits

Reduce risks

A single, clean source of data improves accuracy and timeliness, thereby reducing your business, reputational and compliance risk. We carry out automated and manual post-publication verification checks and corrections to ensure no anomalies are distributed

Be efficient

Free up time and money spent on data management and let us handle it for you meaning no more worrying about how consistent your data is. We accept any form of client data including Morningstar and Lipper so there's no need to change your processes.

Totally scaleable

Whether your business increases its product offerings or wants to venture into other markets, FE Precision+ Dissemination is fully equipped to help you through this process using our global distribution network. We don’t charge for additional share classes so you can grow without being penalised for your success.

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Key Features

FE Precision+ Dissemination follows a 3 step approach to data management:


  • Cutting edge ‘Xceptor’ data processing tool to ensure all data is consistent
  • Global data and fund specialists available to help you improve your data and processes
  • More checks than any other business with 3 different layers of validation to ensure your data is correct
  • We are experts in managing the data process and will guide you on best practice


  • No need to deal with multiple contacts; your data is distributed to all the vendors and platforms you require. If you aren't sure where to distribute your data we can help you with that too
  • We have relationships with all major data vendors and partners
  • Distribute to the UK, Europe and globally to scale with your business


  • Daily and quarterly report generation and distribution. You have the information you need for business management, compliance and quick issue resolution
  • Quarterly in-person reviews ensure you are up to date on the latest service improvements and that we are using lessons learned to improve the quality of your data



“Overall the service was good, FE have some very stand out people, and when I phone up my contacts at FE who I have trust and faith in, then I know it will get done…We didn’t want just any data company, but one that was actively defining and promoting best practise for data management, which is what FE do for us.”

London-based asset manager


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