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Fundamental media recommend targeted content distribution system to clients

Fundamental Media are a fund management marketing consultant and media agency founded in 2003. Fundamental Media has been working with FE as a media partner for around 12 years. Managing Director Iain Bingham talks about why he recommends FE Connect to clients who are looking to deliver targeted content.

The challenge

In a highly competitive industry, Fundamental’s clients look for a way they can stand out and achieve maximum engagement with their audience. Its clients include PIMCO, Legg Mason, M&G, State Street Global Advisers and BNY Mellon to name a few.

The challenge to deliver targeted content is industry wide, however, it’s not always easy to achieve. Advisers often complain about information overload. They are frequently bombarded with news, blogs, market commentaries, event invitations and other content – the sheer volume of which leaves them simultaneously over and under-whelmed with what is provided. This has meant that for asset managers, ensuring their content stands out has become ever more difficult.

Why FE Connect

Iain sees Connect as an innovative product born from feedback given by Fundamental Media and other clients of FE.

“FE Connect was a collaborative effort and absolutely fits with what our clients are trying to do which is distribute targeted content. For that reason, it’s something we have been very confident pitching to clients.”

Asset managers seeking to engage with advisers and discretionary managers via FE Connect simply supply fund research and insights in a pdf or video format.  Advisers researching funds are then able to access the content alongside the relevant fund factsheets on the award-winning FE Analytics adviser research tool as well as the FE Trustnet website. They are also able to rate the content, providing asset managers with valuable insights on their content.

Asset managers can reach more than 84% of the top UK adviser firms and over 300,000 Trustnet users with their content via Connect.

“Around 6 or 7 of our clients currently use FE Connect, and we are recommending it to other clients”, says Iain. “It’s been a really successful addition to our media offering with consistently good results.”

Key benefits

 “The feedback has been very good. It feels like an uncluttered space whereby a lot of paid media is very cluttered with content, its highly relevant due to what advisers are doing in FE Analytics and the fact that we can target users by what they are researching is a huge benefit.”

Measuring effectiveness

Fundamental acknowledges the importance of being able to measure the performance of media campaigns. FE Connect allows you to monitor several metrics through its M.I data. This is available for each group that signs up to the service.

“We look at click through rates, bounce rates, dwell time, leads, for video we measure views, length of view and we overlay these with costs and ultimately fund flows”, says Iain. “Consistently all the metrics have been performing well.”

“Overall it’s one of our top performing products.”

To find out more about FE Connect and how it can help you reach fund selectors, get in touch today at [email protected] .

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