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DCPT Template | Fe Precision+ for Asset Managers and Institutions

Optimise your resources and comply with the DCPT data requirements

We will collect, validate and distribute your data to all pension providers and ensure that you meet the compliance requirements, leaving you to focus on your core business objectives.


Continuing with its focus on transparency, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) released a policy statement in 2017, requiring transaction cost disclosures for workplace DC pensions. Any manager of a fund available in a workplace pension scheme will have to provide detailed cost and charges information. In order to standardise this, the Association of British Insurers and the Investment Association have jointly developed the Defined Contribution Pension Template (DCPT).

Partner with FE to meet your regulatory requirements

Driven by client demand, and capitalising on our extensive capabilities in data, dissemination and regulatory compliance, FE’s DCPT data solution is designed to alleviate the data challenges that you may have in meeting your regulatory obligations.

Key Benefits

Accurate and timely

Our ISO accredited processing teams check and validate all the data as part of the collection process to ensure it is correct, thereby improving accuracy
and timeliness, and reducing your business, reputational and compliance risks.

Transparency and compliance

You can track and monitor your data delivery at any time, using our dashboard. This service keeps you informed about the quality and timeliness
of the data distribution, giving you full visibility which is essential for any transparent and compliant process.

Dedicated support team

Access to a dedicated support team will help with the speedy resolution of issues and address any queries you may have.

Key Features

1) DCPT data collection

We will collect the relevant data and validate the template.

2) DCPT dissemination to relevant pension providers

We will distribute the data for you, ensuring it reaches the required recipients when needed. The data will be disseminated in CSV or XLSX formats.

3) Reporting/control panel monitoring

Access to our dashboard will provide you with real-time updates on data delivery.

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